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As the name implies Google Books Download is a book downloader for Google books
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Google Books Download is a simple application that allows you to download books from the popular Google Books service.
This program automatically downloads Google books and saves them as PDF files. You can also choose to manually download if you want to save just a few pages or if the book has a limited preview.

The interface of the program integrates a Google Search widget that you can use to find books in an easy manner. On the upper right side of the interface users can find the Download button that allows them to download books immediately.

All the books or pages you download are saved to PDF format so that you can read them more easily.

The demo version is not time limited. On each page of the downloaded book you will have a quite big red watermark that can make it hard to read, especially if the watermark covers the actual text of the book. For just a few pages it might not be much of a deal but if you really want to read the entire book then you can find it a little difficult to do.

Overall the software comes in handy when it comes to downloading Google books. The simple interface will help you get the job done in no time.

Paul Cooper
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